2. This kid.. Also, he’s been mean muggin’ lately. Looks like he’s gonna steal your lunch money, and then laughs as soon as you smile.

  3. 18 months.

  4. Windy day at the park.

  5. I’m a great dad. :)

  6. We’ve been enjoying the outdoors this week.

  7. So good.

  8. That hat.

  9. Can 2014 be the year MUTTON CHOPS AND MULLETS come back? I think I could nail this look.

    James Hetfield is the coolest human being on earth.

  10. Been missing this ol’ beauty.

  11. It’s Springtime. Wassup ladies?

  12. "You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time."

    Louis C.K.

    Sometimes I forget that I’m only 25. There’s still plenty of time to figure out what I want from life.

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  13. First snowman.

  14. Forgot to post these. The dude got a haircut on 1/27.